Hi, I am Alexa von Hase

Sto­ries exist to be told, A tale which fails to be impart­ed onto fur­ther gen­er­a­tions is a loss to all. My sto­ry is one of many fierce­ly self-deter­mined women.
For 15 years I worked in brand com­mu­ni­ca­tions and mar­ket­ing for big cor­po­ra­tions like adi­das and Zalan­do. I climbed the cor­po­rate lad­der with great deter­mi­na­tion, and was man­ag­ing big teams and bud­gets. After my mater­ni­ty leave I was told that the pro­mo­tion promised to me at the com­pa­ny I was still employed at would not be mine after all. Even­tu­al­ly it emerged the com­pa­ny had mixed up the exact date that I would be return­ing post-baby. The sys­tem was to blame.


Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, I did­n’t find the clichéd sin­gle-mind­ed pur­pose new moth­ers are sup­posed to find in their new role, and sud­den­ly I was fac­ing pres­sures I could nev­er have fore­seen. Society’s image of the moth­er role, as well as my per­son­al idea of what kind of moth­er I had to be, made me feel so claus­tro­pho­bic that I could bare­ly breathe at times.
It took a process and a fair amount of time to rede­fine my sense of self in this sit­u­a­tion.


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It has since occurred to me that I need­ed this exact per­son­al tur­bu­lence to ful­ly recog­nise myself, and to estab­lish what it is that I want for myself — and my lega­cy.
My mis­sion as an empow­er­ment coach is to sup­port women in find­ing back to their inter­nal strength, to inte­grate self-care and accep­tance so that no amount of exter­nal or inter­nal forces can impose on this lib­er­at­ed sense of self. My work and the peo­ple whom I encounter are my inspi­ra­tion and dri­ve.


I have acquired my method of coach­ing and rel­e­vant know-how at the renowned Dr. Bock Coach­ing Acad­e­my. This acad­e­my is one of the few insti­tutes that com­plies to and teach­es accord­ing to the strict guide­lines of the ICF (Inter­na­tion­al Coach­ing Fed­er­a­tion). The approach, devel­oped by the founder Dr. Petra Bock, fol­lows a strict client-cen­tric, mul­ti-method mod­el of coach­ing, align­ing clas­sic and con­tem­po­rary state-of-the-art meth­ods.

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